“A Year In Cheese” – book review and a winter recipe

Confessions of a cheese-loving repented “foodie” Are you tired as I am of the overused, overhyped word “foodie”? Ok, I admit there was a time when I even used it about myself as a convenient portmanteau, but enough of that. Now, if  anyone is interested, I’d rather talk to them about my love for food, passion for restaurants and obsession about great edible produce – not necessarily in this order,… View Post

Persian Rice recipe – a Bejewelled dinner

Persian Rice recipe
I should have blogged this ages ago as I discovered this Persian-inspired dish last spring, and have made it a few times since  – but months ran fast, and a very busy summer has been and gone. Now it’s the time of the year again when clocks go back, night falls early-ish and even I, perpetually restless and not willing to spend  too much of my weekends cooking, find myself… View Post

Sambal, eggs and toast – a fusion breakfast

malaysian breakfast sambal eggs
Breakfast can be a bit of a divisive moment in our household – I normally wake up hungry to the point of ravenous, I am fully awake and charged, and ready to eat anything. Mr. HW instead is less of a morning person, waking up slowly and often not really keen on eating…or I suspect, to cook. Also, as you can imagine, our respective upbringing mean a different idea of… View Post

recipe: turmeric (air)fried chicken

fried turmeric chicken airfryer recipe
Turmeric Fried Chicken (in Malaysian language: Ayam Goreng Garam Kunjit) comes straight from the birthplace of Mr. Orientespresso: the state of Kelantan in Northern Malaysia. For years, HW almost broke into tears when waxing lyrical about this special friend chicken from his hometown Kota Bahru, combining a fiery yellow colour and the aroma from the turmeric with the most delicate smell of coconut. The question obviously followed: can we make this here? What’s the recipe?… View Post

“burro e salvia” pasta workshop

burro e salvia review 7
Burro and Salvia (Butter & Sage) is not mainly a restaurant but a “pastificio”, which is both a pasta workshop and a shop. It opened in Summer 2013 on the ubertrendy Redchurch Street, in the heart of Shoreditch and close to our former flat. It became an instant hit with both me and HW (he loves his proper Italian food) and we quite miss it now that we lived further… View Post

bao london – taiwanese street food

bao soho restaurant
Taiwanese street food from Netil Market to Soho In 2011, if you had asked anyone where Netil Market was, probably only a handful would have been able to locate it in the vicinity of Broadway Market. These days, the small courtyard wedged between the railway arches and some disused warehouse is buzzing and has seen some of the hottest street food names gracing the stalls– I still remember an incredible… View Post

kale soup with warming spices

kale green soup recipe
This Kale soup recipe just happens to be vegan and paleo in addition to delicious, and healthy any way you want to look at it. Mind you, I am not one for diet fads – in fact, being the always-critical, skeptical, contrarian I am, the more an ingredient or a food group becomes popular, the less I want to cook it or eat it. But oh i do like a… View Post

recipe: japanese braised pork belly & marinated eggs

japanese pork recipe
I found this recipe in the Facebook feed of Ieatishootipost – aka Dr. Leslie Tan – a famous Singaporean blogger. He often posts pictures of his homemade meals with a short description in the way of a recipe; I often drool but rarely read the recipe as I am wary of long lists of ingredients that are not always commonly available here. This was an exception as it looked so simple… View Post