“A Year In Cheese” – book review and a winter recipe

Confessions of a cheese-loving repented “foodie” Are you tired as I am of the overused, overhyped word “foodie”? Ok, I admit there was a time when I even used it about myself as a convenient portmanteau, but enough of that. Now, if Β anyone is interested, I’d rather talk to them about my love for food, passion for restaurants and obsession about great edible produce – not necessarily in this order,… View Post

“burro e salvia” pasta workshop

burro e salvia review 7
Burro and Salvia (Butter & Sage) is not mainly a restaurant but a β€œpastificio”, which is both a pasta workshop and a shop. It opened in Summer 2013 on the ubertrendy Redchurch Street, in the heart of Shoreditch and close to our former flat. It became an instant hit with both me and HW (he loves his proper Italian food) and we quite miss it now that we lived further… View Post